Lime-Crime Venus XL 2 Palette | HODIVA LUX

כתבי חוות דעת


Lime-Crime Venus XL 2 Palette | HODIVA LUX

כתבי חוות דעת

The ultimate earthly grunge shadow palette. Blossom and bloom with Venus XL 2, the earthly rebirth of the ultimate grunge eyeshadow palette! Boldly unearth 18 all-new shades in four rich, buttery-smooth formulas: matte, metallic, foil, and sheer iridescent. Bring this work of art to life when you download the app. Scan your palette to meet our down-to-earth goddess IRL!

Lime Crime down-to-earth Venus XL 2 reigns supreme with flowing neon green hair, a gold laurel crown, and a delicate septum ring.

  • The iconic Venus gets a modern revamp! She has all the edge of grunge with a soft acoustic side.
  • Venus XL 2 reigns supreme with all-new foil and sheer iridescent finishes that transform mattes and metallics to expand your garden of looks.
  • Foil shades are high def and ultra reflective
  • Lightly layer or boldly blend out, our new sheer iridescents cast an otherworldly wash of opalescent pigment all over lids.
  • Discover browns that deepen, poetic pinks that pop, mythic mid-tone neutrals, and lush sage greens.
  • Venus XL 2 captures all the edge of grunge with a soft acoustic side that redefines the classics and reinvents nudes.

4 Finishes:
Matte: Buttery smooth and totally matte.
Foil: High def and ultra reflective!
Metallic: Ultra-shiny shimmer.
Sheer Iridescent: Sheer opalescent lid topper.

18 Shades:
IN BLOOM: Muted rose (matte)
CROWN: Icy champagne (foil)
SAGE: Sage green (matte)
THORN: Cocoa with blue sparkle (metallic)
RIPE: Warm terracotta (matte)
FORBIDDEN: Peachy copper (metallic)
STELLA: Pink champagne (metallic)
MYTH: Silvery green (foil)
EVE: Mauve rose with multi color sparkle (foil)
LAUREL: Olive gold (metallic)
RADIANT: Peach pearl (sheer iridescent)
IVY: Glazed green with pink sparkle (metallic)
WEST: Warm brown (metallic)
OBSCURE: Soft neon green (sheer iridescent)
MYSTIC: Soft blush (metallic)
PHOENIX: Rust (metallic)
LOCUST: Green-brown shift (metallic)
CLASSICAL: Plummy brown (matte)

What it does: Lets you pick through a garden of subtle earthy tones and modern finishes to express your down to earth nature.
What it won't do: Repeat shades or give you boring pasty pastels.

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