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Becca Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation | HODIVA LUX

כתבי חוות דעת


Becca Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation | HODIVA LUX

כתבי חוות דעת
מחיר $44.00

A full coverage liquid foundation featuring 24-hour, water & transfer resistant wear with a breathable, natural finish.

Our best Foundation to instantly camouflage all skin concerns – from covering pores & acne to hyperpigmentation & redness. Shown to stay color true all day, the 24-hour longwearing formula balances coated pigments with water to deliver flawless full coverage with an undetectable, natural finish. Humidity, sweat, water & transfer resistant, the breathable full coverage foundation instantly smooths the skin and covers all imperfections without clogging pores or looking cakey for 24 hours, with immediate & all day moisturization.

Dermatologist tested for all skin tones & types and is non-acnegenic.

Free of: Parabens, Sulfates, & Phthalates

Expertly developed with a balanced range of warm, cool and neutral undertones, BECCA’s evenly balanced shade range covers the lightest to the deepest skin tones.

How To Use:

  • After Primer application, apply one pea-sized pump of foundation onto the back of your hand.
  • For medium buildable coverage, use a dampened sponge and lightly pat onto areas of concern first. Blend the remaining Foundation onto the center of the face until the product looks seamless and skin-like.
  • For fuller coverage, use a Foundation brush to pat and press the Foundation in small layers to the center or your face, blending outwards.
  • Finish with our Skin Love Glow Shield Prime & Set Mist or Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder (both sold separately) to help set and refresh the appearance of makeup for a long lasting, fresh look.

Shade Updates: Espresso (previously Mink), Driftwood (previously Nude), Maple (previously Tobacco)

Consumer Study Test Results:

  • 97% of consumers stated it instantly provided full coverage without a heavy look or feel
  • 97% of consumers stated it instantly left their skin feeling comfortable
  • 97% of consumers stated it instantly provided an undetectable, natural finish
  • After 1 week of use, 94% of consumers stated that it stayed color true through the day

Key Benefits:

  • Full Coverage
  • Non-Acnegenic
  • 24 Hour Wear
  • Water Resistant

Key Ingredients:

  • Concentrated Pigments: Conceal uneven texture, redness, hyperpigmentation and other imperfections
  • Pure Spring Water: Infused with 22% mineral-rich water that hydrates skin and creates an elastic finish to prevent pigments from settling into lines, dryness or pores

1.01 Fl. Oz.

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