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Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 1 | HODIVA LUX

כתבי חוות דעת

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 1 | HODIVA LUX

כתבי חוות דעת
מחיר $60.00

Carefully curated by Norvina herself, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 1 is a professional-grade artistry palette featuring 25 deluxe-sized, high-performance shades with maximum payoff. Expand your Norvina collection with this limited-edition pro palette and create your most artistic makeup looks yet.


  • Contains 25 professional pigments in oversized pans to offer limitless possibilities and endless amounts of looks
  • Includes highly pigmented iconic colors, daring brights and vibrant hues
  • Perfect for the artist who wants to have the ultimate color collection and for the makeup fanatic who is ready to take their makeup creativity to the next level
  • Advanced artistry palette housed inside a beautiful square-cut purple case with gold accents and the ABH x Norvina logo on the outside and an extra-large mirror on the inside
  • Formulated without gluten, parabens or phthalates
  • Dermatologist tested and noncomedogenic
  • Cruelty-free and vegan


A1 (Metallic lilac with a cool pink reflect)
A2 (Matte mid-tone vivid violet)
A3 (Matte rich plum)
A4 (Metallic golden copper)
A5 (Matte vibrant warm candy pink)
B1 (Matte vivid lilac)
B2 (Metallic rosy bronze with gold sparkles)
B3 (Metallic platinum rose with gold sparkles)
B4 (Matte deep cool violet)
B5 (Matte deep cool plum)
C1 (Matte bright white)
C2 (Metallic yellow gold)
C3 (Metallic deep rose gold with gold sparkles)
C4 (Matte mauve plum)
C5 (Matte burnt sienna brown)
D1 (Matte primary yellow)
D2 (Shimmering blue purple)
D3 (Matte primary red)
D4 (Sparkling matte primary blue with blue sparkles)
D5 (Matte black)
E1 (Shimmering peach gold)
E2 (Matte pastel orange)
E3 (Matte ochre yellow)
E4 (Matte neon orange)
E5 (Matte oxblood)

How to Use It:
Little pressure is needed when picking up product.

Apply light shades to highlight and accentuate features. Apply medium shades to contour and transition color for a blended finish. Apply deeper shades to define and line.

Use a small, dense brush to deposit the pressed pigments. Use a fluffy brush to blend.

Apply ABH Eye Primer to help these highly saturated pressed pigments adhere and stay in place, ensuring maximum color payoff and performance.

Pro Tips:

  • Apply any of the bright shades to the cheek area as a blush.
  • Mix shades together to create your own custom colors.
  • All shades can be applied to the face and body.
  • Mist brush with a setting spray after picking up product for a more intense payoff of shimmer or metallic shades.

Product Pairings:
Brush 3
Darkside Waterproof Gel Liner
Waterproof Crème Color
Dewy Set Setting Spray

Size:  7.7165L x 7.0866W x 0.8268D

Net Weight:  1.8g / 0.063 oz

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