Becca First Light Priming Filter Travel Size 0.5oz | HODIVA LUX

כתבי חוות דעת


Becca First Light Priming Filter Travel Size 0.5oz | HODIVA LUX

כתבי חוות דעת

A hydrating primer that instantly photo-filters skin imperfections for long-lasting makeup application

Awaken & energize your complexion with a hint of refreshing, sheer lavender light. Instantly brightens skin, diffuses dullness & blurs imperfections for a refreshed look- just like your go-to photo filter! It's the perfect quick fix for skin that's looking sallow, dull or lackluster.

Preps & smooths your skin so foundation wears beautifully and doesn't settle in pores or fine lines.

Water-light hydrating primer refreshes all skin types, which is especially beneficial for dull or dehydrated skin. Translucent brightening microspheres appear lavender, but go on sheer & adapt to your unique skin tone, so every #BECCABeauty from fair to deep looks fresh & bright. This product is cruelty-free.

Stylist Tips:

  • Make sure skin is well-moisturized.
  • Apply a light layer of First Light Priming Filter from the center of your face outward.
  • Wait a few seconds, then apply foundation.
  • Can also be worn alone for a fresh-faced glow.

Key Benefits:

  • Brightens
  • Cool Light Effect
  • Evens Skin Tones
  • Hydrates

Key Ingredients:

  • Translucent Brightening Microspheres: Lavender light brightens & blurs imperfections
  • Prickly Pear Flower & Ginger Extract: Moisturizes and energizes skin for a fresh, healthy-looking complexion
  • Water-Capturing Hydrators: Help skin maintain optimal moisture levels for a hydrated look with healthy bounce

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